Before the tale, Sousuke and you may Kou was in fact former members of the family and friends inside junior high

Before the tale, Sousuke and you may Kou was in fact former members of the family and friends inside junior high

• Amnesiac Partner• Competition Couple• Break Blush• Relationship Exactly what Daddy Dislikes – Mitsuba are an excellent supernatural if you are Kou was from a family of exorcists.• Statement away from Shelter• Passed away in your Arms Tonight – Kou held Sousuke inside the fingers when he died shortly after Tsukasa corrupted their rumor.• Basic Like – For Mitsuba.• Destroyed Earliest Fulfilling – Kou did not remember Mitsuba to start with.• Loved ones to help you People• Locks Contrast Duo• Holding Hand – Albeit they’ve been dreadful at it possibly.• Insult out-of Endearment – Mitsuba Phone calls Kou a great Hella-Lame, Traffic-Safety-Earring Boy.• Eg a classic Partnered Few• Love At first sight• Not a date – When Kou wants places going, his household members guess he could be toward a night out together, but according to him it is not a night out together.• Opposites Attention• Piggyback Sweet – Kou deal Mitsuba pursuing the second injures his foot.• 2nd Like – To have Kou.• Vessel Tease• Star-Entered Partners• One that Got Away – Sousuke to Kou.• Heartbreaking Bromance• Heartbreaking Keepsake – Sousuke’s digital camera and photo.• Tsundere• Vitriolic Best Buds• As he Grins• You’re Worth Heck – Kou almost died is that have Mitsuba forever.


It weren’t best friends, by itself, however, on account of seated from inside the name buy, Sousuke sat facing Kou. It seemed to get on better and you will became family relations promptly. Sousuke wound up swinging kinds, but not, and soon after died in a vehicle accident when you’re going out in order to get potatoes getting their mom’s birthday celebration curry. Sousuke reappears due to the fact an apparition, even if their fresh look differs from that of their middle school physical appearance. He roams the college entrances, and you will reaches out over those he recalls asking when they remember him, even if he appears more like a shape. When Sousuke reaches out over Kou, Kou grabs their give and you may knocks your back into good locker, revealing Sousuke’s genuine function. Kou don’t admit your, but he performed recognize Sousuke’s middle school uniform.

Contents step 1 Cannon 1.1 Mitsuba 1.2 Heck out-of Decorative mirrors step 1.step three Photo Primary

Kou upcoming reassures Sousuke one he’ll remember him given that a good boy who had been “cocky, girly, self-centered, sarcastic, got a frustrating sound, obsessed with his camera, ran emo possibly, and you will a good faker” hence he has to be themselves and come up with loved ones 1.4 Studies Go camping step one.5 Losses 1.six The new Red Family step 1.7 Nightlife step 1.8 Omen Cannon

During the time, Kou got made up his attention to simply exorcise morale one cause harm to others, thus he previously conserved Sousuke and you will decided to help your get reduce his regrets as an alternative. Initially, the two failed to go along. Sousuke always lashed rude nicknames in the Kou, their favourite being “Hella-lame-traffic-safety-earring boy” where however relate to Kou into the numerous period. However in addition to guess Kou are trying “carry out pervy things to him,” leading to Kou providing entitled a good pervert often. In return, Kou consider Sousuke try impolite and you can ridiculous, even in the event he helped Sousuke reduce his regrets in any event.

At first, Sousuke would not address questions that Kou got, ultimately causing Kou intimidating him to find answers. Sooner, Kou learned that there is an image Sousuke wished to grab as he is alive, so Kou chooses to help him need you to definitely visualize. That was when Kou’s buddy, Yokoo stops by to state hello so you’re able to Kou. Yokoo notices your camera Kou is actually carrying and you can said they belonged in order to Sousuke, sexy sri lanka women and you can offered some sense for the exactly who he had been. Which helped Kou think of Sousuke, in which he noticed bad for maybe not taking him in the beginning. Sousuke following informs Kou “I reached over to anyone which I imagined is my pal, however, nobody approved me. only, We recalled them.” It started initially to precipitation, therefore the a couple of chose to head in to the to each other, taking the stairs to the top floors. On stairs, Sousuke demonstrates that he had been bullied inside the elementary if you are as well “girly” otherwise “cocky,” very the guy chose to make another type of persona for the secondary school. He was nice to any or all, but nobody seen your. The guy was not bullied, however, the guy failed to make actual family unit members. When he died, nobody seemed to notice otherwise worry.